Title: Year Off with Pay

Reality Show       

RUN:  20 Episodes

Year Off with Pay is a high energy reality show that combines the lifetime wishes of 6 average people from different walks of life who compete with each other for a full season in a race to complete their own personal bucket list. A dynamic blend of “dreams come true”, “wild adventure”, “victories” and “defeats”. 

Our Host will be our guide as each participant is given their regular job’s weekly salary* for up to one full year so they can have the time to pursue their dreams that they otherwise don’t have the time to complete. “That bucket list”, “that bicycle trip around the world”, “building a time machine”, etc., etc. With only their normal weekly pay, each participant will still be responsible to pay their normal expenses, (rent, food, etc.), deal with the normal responsibilities of their daily lives (kids, friends, etc.). No additional funds will be given as they are challenged to complete their particular “dreams” before time runs out.  However, unbeknownst to each participant, we will inject “surprise assists” to help each participant achieve their goals.  For instance, if one of the participants is trying to write a novel, we would at some point, surprise them with a visit from a famous writer to give them some pointers.

Another participant might be using their year off trying to finish that long ago started college degree, but if floundering, we could send a tutor to help and other guests that met that type of challenge for support, etc…

Will they use their time wisely to complete their dreams, or squander their once in a lifetime chance lounging on a couch saying “I’ll start tomorrow.  We will turn in each week to see!


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