Interview Show       

RUN: 26 Episodes


Like the name implies, the "basic" concept is to simply take a walk with todays Business leaders, Celebrities, Newsmakers, and their pets though trails on 400 acres in Southern Vermont and interview them during the walk.

We won't be discussing the normal topics found in most interview shows.  Instead we will talk about life, death, other worlds, good things and bad.

Where applicable, some guest may want to discuss their charity work (a good plug on TV) or just things about their life with their pets.

We also through in a few "curve balls" 

If the guest is of the "serious lot" such as a CEO or News Anchor, we may make them do an "On-the-Spot" Stand -Up Comedy Routine.

                                                      If the guest is a singer...

                                                record a song at our studio.

                                                                 run excavators...

                                                         set off dynamite, etc.

Moosenuts Junction

Every dog loves to take a walk with us.... 

....and So will you

Product Placement would be well integrated into the show... For example...

We have a short segment on each episode when we show everybody suiting up before the walk. (ie: Dogs getting cameras and Tracking collars put on. Guests putting on gear, etc.)

If LL Bean is sponsoring that episode, we would  outfit the guests with LL Bean gear. (Shoes, Hats, etc.)  Maybe add the logo on the products such as...

LL Bean...Take a Walk with us.

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Another part of the show is where we call old "lost animal" ads to see if the owners ever found their missing loved ones.

How many times have you seen an add like this

and wondered what happened to that lost pet.

We will find out!

Sometimes the result is the joyful reunion of pet and owner.

Other times it is the heartbreak of the continuing search for loved ones lost.