To Play...

Select "DEEDS" for the GOOD and BAD Columns and they will be placed on the SCALE.  Then YOU WILL BE JUDGED. 

Will you go to HEAVEN,                         or   HELL


If you DON'T see a DEED you think should be on the list,

you can add one and give it a score of how GOOD or EVIL that deed is. 

ENJOY and tell your friends to play. 

You could be randomly selected to be on the show.

the Scale

Ever wonder how much you really know someone…
Celebrities ?
Your Friends ?
Your Neighbors ?
Who is a GOOD person, Who do you think is NOT…

We’ve pondered these questions too.  And we intend to find out!

Welcome to “ the Scale ”   Where we can add up all the good deeds (and bad) that you have done over the years to find out where you will end up…

Each week, our team of investigators will find out which one of our guest has been naughty or nice from their childhood days right up to the present.

Take the challenge yourself below, but remember…

You will be JUDGED !




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